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2nd-Nov-2009 06:36 pm - [announcement] Moving communities
Hi guys. fuyou here with her new username, and an announcement.

flightfancy = my new manga sharing journal. Basically I'm posting the manga I've been sharing at my personal journal over there. rabumanga won't be deleted but it's basically dead and I won't be updating the links here anymore.

flightfancy is still under construction but I hope to update some links over the next day or so. It will focus on all genres, with series that I really enjoy and I hope you will as well. Please join if you want, all entries will be public at this time.

Until later, goodbye. :)
7th-Apr-2007 11:46 pm - [upload updates] february/march
Because I am just plain forgetful, I post it now XD;:

March 2007
30th: [scanlation] wild fangs by yamagishi hokuto

23rd: [scanlation] wish on a star by takanaga hinako
23rd: [scanlation] tsubo sagashi no susume by takanaga hinako
23rd: [scanlation] muda na koto shinashou by takanaga hinako
23rd: [scanlation] kimi ga koi ni ochiru by takanaga hinako
23rd: [scanlation] dekiru otoko ga suki nanda! by takanaga hinako

19th: [scanlation] color by zaou taishi & eiki eiki
19th: [scanlation] welcome to cosplay cafe!by minami haruka
19th: [scan] indecent encounter by minami haruka

10th: [scanlation] bloody kiss ii by furumiya kazuko
10th: [scanlation] bloody kiss by furumiya kazuko
10th: [scanlation] wild kiss by nakajo hisaya
10th: [scanlation] kimi dake ni focus by maruya kae

05th: [scanlation] from dusk till dawn by mamahara ellie

02nd: [scanlation] wild fish by hiiro reiichi
02nd: [scanlation] tokyo renaikitan by gokurakuin sakurako

February 2007
25th: [scanlation] one night lesson by takagi ryou
25th: [scanlation] secret by takanaga hinako
25th: [raw & scanlation] petto oshigotochuu by yamato nase

23rd: [scanlation] castilla by nakamura shungiku
23rd: [scanlation] warui yume by tateno makoto
23rd: [scanlation] presentiment by tateno makoto
23rd: [scanlation] like the barren wasteland by tateno makoto
23rd: [scanlation] kirai kiraimo by tateno makoto
23rd: [scanlation] ka shin fu by tateno makoto
23rd: [scanlation] cage by tateno makoto
23rd: [scanlation] aoi hitsuji no yume by tateno makoto
23rd: [scanlation] 9th sleep by tateno makoto
23rd: [scanlation] okaeri wa kochira by yamato nase
23rd: [scanlation] aquadom by mamahara ellie
23rd: [scanlation] gekka kajin lumen lunae by ohkami mineko

And everyone, remember to have a wonderful Easter (or Bunny Day, as I like to call it). Hope you all get a tonne of eggs and choc bunnies, but most of all, don't forget to stay safe over the holiday season! :3
Requests are officially CLOSED.

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23rd-Feb-2007 02:07 am - [announcement] welcome!
ccs » please smile for me
rabumanga is open for business! *yayes*

If all you can see is this post and the lists of manga that I have, it means that you are not a member! All manga posts are f-locked, so you need to join to be able to see the manga that I have uploaded. So! Just toddle over to the profile page, click "join community" to become a part of the community, and download away!

Have a nice day. And enjoy the manga! :D
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