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[request list] Takanaga Hinako [UPDATED 15/02/07] 
23rd-Feb-2007 01:46 am
Here are all the manga that I have compiled done by Takanaga Hinako.

WARNING: The manga listed here are classified as yaoi, meaning boyxboy scenes. So if you are squicked or uncomfortable with such stuff, please don't download. Thanks. *dusts hands*

UPDATE 15/02/07: [01] ADDED titles, [01] UPDATED titles, [00] COMPLETED titles

Akuma no Himitsu - Biblo Eros
Akuma no Sasayari - Biblo Eros
Aru Hi, Mori no Naka (Tyrant DJ) - Biblo Eros
Croquis - Beautiful Soup
Dekiru Otoko ga Suki Nanda - mochi*mochi
Liberty Liberty! - Biblo Eros
Muda na Koto Shinashou (Oneshot) - NoDeadline
Secret (Oneshot) - Mangagedon
Study Hard! - Hochuuami
Tsubo Sagashi no Susume (Oneshot) - Chibitora
Wish On A Star (Oneshot) - Shattered Innocence

Bukiyou na Silent ch 01-03 (ch 04-05 RAW japanese) - mochi*mochi [UPDATED 15/02/07]
Challengers Ch 01-04 (dropped - licensed) - Storm In Heaven
Kimi ga Koi ni Ochiru Ch 01-04 - (Ch 01) Andante Peach, Hochuuami
Little Butterfly ch 01 (Completed RAW japanese including Special) - Moya
Love Round (full volume RAW japanese) [ADDED 15/02/07]
The Tyrant Who Fall In Love Vol 03, Ch 01 - Shattered Innocence, Yaoi Daily, Biblo Eros

Comment if you want any of these uploaded. However, some of these can be found as direct downloads at the scanlators' sites, so please check their availability before requesting. Support the scanlators!

Thank you~
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