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[request list] Yamato Nase [UPDATED 15/02/07] 
23rd-Feb-2007 01:48 am
Here are all the manga that I have compiled done by Yamato Nase. It's my download list, so feel free to request here.

UPDATE 15/02/07: [05] ADDED titles, [01] UPDATED titles, [01] COMPLETED titles

WARNING: The manga listed here are classified as yaoi, meaning boyxboy scenes. So if you are squicked or uncomfortable with such stuff, please don't download. Thanks. *dusts hands*

Boy Fish On Water (Pretty Scoop DJ) - Hochuuami
Chintsubu (is this manga being continued? The scanlators have listed it as complete...) - Nakama
Hanon - Obsession
Mamotte Agemasu - Mangagedon
Muteki na Okyakusama (Oneshot) - Hochuuami
Okaeri wa Kochira (Oneshot) - Sweet Lunacy [ADDED/COMPLETED 15/02/07]
Pretty Scoop - Hochuuami
Snow Flower Haretara Ii na (Pretty Scoop DJ) - Hochuuami
Steady Study - Hochuuami
Take Me To Heaven - Hochuuami
White Daisy (Fan DJ) - Liquid Passion

Dear Gentle Papa Ch 01-05 - No Deadline
Dekiru Otoko no Sodatekata (full volume RAW japanese) [ADDED 15/02/07]
Fan vol 01 - Obsession [UPDATED 15/02/07]
Kuchibiru no Yukue (full volume RAW japanese) [ADDED 15/02/07]
Love Life Ch 01-02a - Hochuuami
Saa Koi ni Ochitamae Ch 01-6 (Volume 03 RAW) - Forever More
Mr Convenience (RAW japanese) [ADDED 15/02/07]
Pet Oshigotochuu ch 01 (entire volume RAW japanese) Forever More [ADDED 15/02/07]
Skip Kiss Ch 01-05 - Fushichou

Comment if you want any of these uploaded. However, some of these can be found as direct downloads at the scanlators' sites, so please check their availability before requesting. Support the scanlators!

Thank you~
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