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[announcement] official request post (updated 7/4/07) 
2nd-Mar-2007 11:55 pm
Requests are officially CLOSED.

Please visit my download lists to see what you want to have uploaded in the next few updates, and leave your requests here. I do have a few stipulations though god, here she goes XD::

01. Please only request either a maximum of (a) TWO one volume stories, (b) ONE longer series (over 1 volume), (c) FOUR one shots, or (d) ONE vol series and TWO one shots. This is to cut down on time uploading, and makes it quicker to get the manga to you.
02. All requests will be answered, but first requests in will be the first to be posted.
03. I do have other commitments to deal with (yay life), so don't expect updates to be very quick, but I do promise that I will get to them eventually. Check back in maybe a week (or keep an eye out on the free_manga community) for updates.

Pretty easy, yes? So go to the lists and request away!

And if you haven't already, please join the community so that you can gain access to whatever manga I post.

Thank you, and have an awesome morning/day/night (yey timezone hell XD;).
19th-Mar-2007 02:09 pm (UTC)
Junjou Romantica (ch1-17) :3
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