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[request list] Yamakami Riyu [UPDATED 15/02/07] 
23rd-Feb-2007 01:46 am
Here are all the manga that I have compiled done by Yamakami Riyu.

WARNING: The manga listed here are classified as yaoi, meaning boyxboy scenes. So if you are squicked or uncomfortable with such stuff, please don't download. Thanks. *dusts hands*

UPDATE 01/01/07: [02] ADDED titles, [00] UPDATED titles

Aisaretaino - Peccatore Sanctuary
Ashita wa Joutenki - Essence of Purity
Beware Of The Rival - Obsession
Deep Flower - Shi-ran
Hashire! Oujisama - Obsession
Kawaii Hito - Possible Soup
Love Is Your Name (COMPLETED?) - Obsession
Lover's Name - Peccatore Sanctuary
Mitasareru Kuchibiru - Countless Time
Secrecy Drug - Obsession
Sighs Kiss - Beautiful Soup , Peccatore Sanctuary
Sorewa Yappari Ai Kamone - Beautiful Soup
Tobu Kokoro ch 01-03 - Storm In Heaven
Tokimeki no Seito Kaishitsu (Oneshot) - Essence of Purity

Anata Dake wo Matteru ch 01-2a - Peccatore Sanctuary [ADDED 15/02/07]
Anata wa Boku Dake no Hana Ch 01 - Obsession
Hada Made Aishite ch 01-02 - Countless Time [ADDED 15/02/07]
Kiss Me ch 01-02 (complete volume RAW japanese) - Peccatore Sanctuary
Taiyou no Romance ch 01-03 - BLiss
Takaramono vol 01-04 - Peccatore Sanctuary
Tokimeki no Seito Kaishitsu Ch 01-02 - Essence of Purity
Vanilla - ch 01-06 - Essence of Purity

Comment if you want any of these uploaded. However, some of these can be found as direct downloads at the scanlators' sites, so please check their availability before requesting. Support the scanlators!

Thank you~
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